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Short Term Guarantor Loans

If you’re short of money and need to borrow some quickly, you could consider applying for one of TrustTwo’s shorter term guarantor loans that start from 12 months, but can be taken for up to five years in duration.

Whether you need extra cash to buy a car or pay for home renovations, applying for a short term loan with the help of a guarantor allows you to have flexible repayments and give you the freedom to borrow money on terms that best suit you.

The fast application process for our short term guarantor loans means that you could receive the money within three working days of the approval. Plus, our short term guarantor loans are available to anyone who is a UK resident that can afford the repayments and has a guarantor.

Short Term Loans for Bad Credit

You are eligible for a short term guarantor loan even if you have bad credit. You’ll need to ask a guarantor to vouch for your ability to repay the loan and co-sign the credit agreement with you. This means that your guarantor is liable for payments if you are unable to pay.

So, who can act as your guarantor? You must choose someone at least 21 years old, and under 80 years old by the end of the loan term, who has a good credit history. Your guarantor can be almost anyone - a family member, friend, or work colleague, but not your wife/husband or partner.

Taking out a loan with TrustTwo can help you get into a better situation financially. By getting a short term loan with your guarantor, you will be making regular monthly repayments, which will have a positive impact on your credit score.

12 month loans

Paying your TrustTwo loan back over a 12 months period and spreading the payments for a one-off expense over these months means that your debt is only short term. Depending on your personal circumstances, TrustTwo offers a number of short term guarantor loans that are payable over a period of between 12 months and 5 years, so you can decide which best suits your financial situation.

If you have more questions about finding a guarantor loan, take a look at our short term loans online today. Contact us on 0330 3033 477 or email us at [email protected] for more information.